Holland’s RIASEC Model: Asesmen Pengembangan Karier dan Kerja pada Pegawai PT Y


  • Ni Nyoman Imas Pradnyanita Wistarini Universitas Airlangga
  • Dewi Syarifah Universitas Airlangga




Individual assessment research with the RIASEC model based on Holland's theory was conducted on employees who received less work ratings from management. The RIASEC model uses Holland's career choice theory which aims to mapping based on individual interests. The subject on this research is one employee. This research conducted on two job title, which are Junior Engineer Distribution Operational and Alternative Department Junior Engineer for App Control. Besides conducting individual assessments to find out the potential of the Subject in both positions and the RIASEC test to relieve Subject interest, the author also categories the two positions based on the World of Work Map theory. The result of the study shows that subject is more suitable for alternative positions because of the compatibility of subject's interests