Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengembangan Sains dan Humaniora

Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengembangan Sains dan Humaniora (JPPSH) is a journal published by Research and Community Service Institution Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha which contains the results of research in the field of social sciences and humanities. The purpose of this journal is to publish and disseminate writings in the field of social sciences and humanities that can contribute to the development of science. JISH is published twice a year in April and October. JPPSH received writing in the form of quantitative and qualitative research from academics, practitioners, researchers, and students relevant to the topic of social sciences and humanities.

p-ISSN : 1979-7095 (Print) and e-ISSN : 2615-4501 (Online)



Sertifikat Akreditasi JPPSH

Posted: 2020-04-08
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Vol 5, No 3 (2021): Oktober

Table of Contents


Lisda - Triana, Muhamad Abi Fadila, Aulia Ulfa Utami, Azzumar Abdillah Husien, Sulaeman - -
10.23887/jppsh.v5i3.37322 | Abstract view : 444 times
Selviani Lobo Bala, Johnson Dongoran
10.23887/jppsh.v5i3.38535 | Abstract view : 703 times
Maria Rombe, Johnson Dongoran
10.23887/jppsh.v5i3.38536 | Abstract view : 1101 times
Denisa Dominggus, Johnson Dongoran
10.23887/jppsh.v5i3.38539 | Abstract view : 463 times
Putri Diana Sampe, Johnson Dongoran
10.23887/jppsh.v5i3.38584 | Abstract view : 168 times
Selfi Ariesni, Lise Asnur
10.23887/jppsh.v5i3.34675 | Abstract view : 11 times
Anak Agung Ayu Kesuma Yuliantari, AA. Ngr. Eddy Supriyadinata Gorda
10.23887/jppsh.v5i3.38489 | Abstract view : 9 times
Samantha Bella Puri Bahesa, Nurudin -
10.23887/jppsh.v5i3.36631 | Abstract view : 146 times
Aisyah Fadhilla Ramadhani, Lise Asnur
10.23887/jppsh.v5i3.34636 | Abstract view : 14 times
Desy Natalia Panjaitan, H. Adam Afiezan
10.23887/jppsh.v5i3.39295 | Abstract view : 0 times