Call for Papers 2023


JPAI (Journal of Psychology and Instruction) aims at providing an international forum for the sharing, discussion, and dissemination of research findings, in across a wide range of educational psychology and instructions.
We accept papers related to pyschology and instruction, includes the following topics:

  1. Child development,
  2. Motivation, Intelligence, and Personality,
  3. Special Educational Needs,
  4. Assessment of Educational Performances,
  5. The education of special groups, gender, and culture,
  6. Emotion, social, and cognitive learning processes, 
  7. Learning and Teaching Styles
  8. Classroom Management.


We invite you to submit your paper to JPAI. Papers submission deadlines:

    • Vol.7 No.1 (2023), submission deadline: 30 January 2023
    • Vol.7 No.2 (2023), submission deadline: 30 April 2023
    • Vol.7 No.3 (2023), submission deadline: 30 July 2023