The development of Web Based Expert System of Citrus Pests and Disease Consultation Using Bayesian Network Method.

I Wayan Santika


Citrus is a plant that is widely available in the highlands. Many types of citrus
pests and plant diseases will lead to the farmers need the right knowledge and
information to save energy and make effective against diseases and pests that attack
citrus crops. Due to lack of information and agricultural experts orange then the solution
is an expert system that is able to provide information and solutions to farmers.
The expert system of citrus pests, disease consultation are using bayesian
methods and web-based network, so that information can be easily obtained by the
farmers. Data were obtained from the experts in the field of agricultural lime and stored
in the knowledge base. This knowledge base would be processed and counted using
bayesian methods for the network concluded as posibility of how big of a pest and
disease would occurs. The purpose of this research were (1) Designing Expert System
Consultation Citrus Pest and Disease Using Bayesian Network Web-Based Methods. (2)
Implementing Expert System Consultation Citrus Pest and Disease Using Bayesian
Network-Based Methods of test results Web. Based on expert consultation system of
citrus pests and diseases using the web-based bayesian network could make the process
of consultation and able to provide information to visitors.

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