Tourism Village Development through Pagar Budaya


  • Octarina Hidayatus Sholikhah Universitas PGRI Madiun
  • Dewi Tryanasari
  • Hendra Erik Rudyanto
  • Hartini Hartini


Candimulyo village has local cultural potential that can become a tourism trademark, including a home-based batik industry typical of Candimulyo, "bersih desa" customs and the village government's efforts to revive "peken lawas" as cultural icons, as well as several art associations. The problems that occur in each of the local cultural tourism potentials that are found have not been managed systemically and are only managed sporadically by certain community groups. The main challenges faced by the village for further development of the existing potential are that the available resources are not maximized in managing cultural resources, as well as the erosion of local culture with other cultures that are considered more modern by the younger generation which makes the process of inheriting local wisdom difficult. Starting from the problems found, it is necessary to strengthen resources in the field of cultural tourism in Candimulyo Village. Pagar Budaya Program is one of the pilot programs for community empowerment that needs to be synergized with related fields.



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Sholikhah, O. H., Tryanasari , D. ., Rudyanto, H. E., & Hartini, H. (2022). Tourism Village Development through Pagar Budaya. International Journal of Community Service Learning, 6(2). Retrieved from




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