The Career Guidance and Counseling Services Needed by Senior High School Students

Muhammad Riza Darwin, Muh Farozin, Heri Retnawati


The career guidance and counseling services are one area of guidance and counseling in which the purpose of career guidance and counseling services is to assist students in planning their careers and work after completing studies in senior high school. This research is a descriptive exploratory study. This research was conducted to determine the guidance and counseling services in the career field that suits with the career needs of senior high school students. There were ten students of grade 12 in one of senior high school who participated in this study. Those students were chosen by using purposive sampling technique. The collection of data in this study was done by using interviews and need assessment instrument to investigate the needs of senior high school students in the field of career. The collected data then were analyzed with a descriptive method and exploratory. The research results show that senior high school students need the classical tutoring and individualized counseling services in the field of career counseling and counseling services, along with the subject of services that are required.


career, guidance and counseling, services


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