Storytelling Method Assisted by Straw Puppets to Improve Kindergarten Children's Receptive Language Skills


  • Sri Ismawati Universitas Muria Kudus, Kudus, Indonesia
  • Santoso Universitas Muria Kudus, Kudus, Indonesia
  • Mochamad Widjanarko Universitas Muria Kudus, Kudus, Indonesia



Storytelling method, Straw puppets, Receptive language


The problem that is often faced is that children lack concentration when telling stories using storybook media, they often scramble to see the pictures in them. This study aims to develop a storytelling method with the help of straw dolls to improve children's receptive language skills. This research method used the R&D method with group B children as research subjects. Data collection techniques used by researchers were interviews with educators, students and Kindergarten heads, observation, questionnaires; validation, documentation. The results showed that the validity test with, n = 10 and a significance value of 5% with r-table 0.632. The results obtained were stated to be valid because the r-count was more r-table. The validation test from material experts obtained an average score of 83.75% and 93.75%, meaning it was included in the very feasible category, while linguists received a score of 4 which was in the category very good. While data analysis to test the effectiveness is shown in the results of N-Gain calculations in the field test as the experimental class obtained posttest results of 80.67 and 80.33 respectively while for the control class the posttest obtained 56.00 results. Based on the results of the research above, it can be concluded that the storytelling method assisted by straw dolls to improve the language skills of kindergarten children is declared feasible and effective in improving children's language skills.



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Ismawati, S. ., Santoso, & Widjanarko, M. . (2023). Storytelling Method Assisted by Straw Puppets to Improve Kindergarten Children’s Receptive Language Skills. Journal of Psychology and Instruction, 6(2).