Focus and Scope

Character Education and Cultural Integration in Education aims to explore and disseminate research and knowledge on character education, cultural integration, and innovative learning media within the educational context. This journal focuses on studies that examine the intersection of character development, cultural values, and educational practices across various educational levels, particularly in elementary and secondary schools, with a particular emphasis on the Indonesian context and global perspective. The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Character Education and Interactive Learning Media:

    • Development and implementation of interactive learning media based on character education.
    • Case studies and practical applications of character education in various subjects.
    • Technology-enhanced learning tools and their impact on character development.
  2. Cultural Values in Education:

    • Integration of local wisdom and cultural heritage in educational curricula.
    • The role of traditional games, arts, and cultural narratives in strengthening character education.
    • Multicultural education and its influence on student character and social harmony.
  3. Innovative Educational Practices and Media:

    • The use of digital and multimedia resources to teach character values.
    • Effectiveness of culturally-based teaching materials and methods.
    • Case studies on the implementation of innovative educational practices in classrooms.
  4. Character Education in Special Contexts:

    • Character education for students with special needs or intellectual disabilities.
    • The role of religious and spiritual education in character building.
    • Impact of local wisdom and cultural practices on anti-corruption education.
  5. Teacher and Student Development:

    • Professional development modules for teachers focused on character education.
    • Strategies for enhancing the work ethic and character of vocational students.
    • Empirical studies on the impact of character education on student learning outcomes.
  6. Educational Research and Evaluation:

    • Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in character education.
    • Evaluation of educational programs and materials aimed at character development.
    • Longitudinal studies on the effectiveness of character education interventions.

The journal welcomes submissions that provide empirical evidence, theoretical insights, and practical implications for educators, policymakers, and researchers interested in the holistic development of students through the integration of character education and cultural values in the educational process.