Peer Review Process

Indonesian Values and Character Education Journal follows a single-blind peer review process to ensure the quality and integrity of published research. The following steps outline the peer review process:

Submission and Initial Screening

  1. Manuscript Submission: Authors submit their manuscripts electronically via the journal's online submission system.
  2. Initial Screening: The editorial office conducts an initial screening to check the manuscript's adherence to the journal's focus, scope, and formatting guidelines. Manuscripts that do not meet these criteria may be rejected outright or returned to the authors for adjustments.

Single-Blind Peer Review

  1. Reviewer Assignment: Manuscripts that pass the initial screening are assigned to two or more independent reviewers with expertise in the relevant field. In the single-blind review process, the reviewers are aware of the authors' identities, but the authors do not know the reviewers' identities.
  2. Reviewers’ Evaluation: Reviewers evaluate the manuscript based on originality, methodological rigor, clarity of presentation, and contribution to the field. They provide detailed comments and recommendations for the manuscript.

Reviewers’ Recommendations

  1. Review Outcome: Based on the reviewers' evaluations, the manuscript may receive one of the following recommendations:
    • Accept: The manuscript is accepted as it stands.
    • Revision
      1. Minor Revisions: The manuscript requires minor changes, and the revised version is usually accepted without further review.
      2. Major Revisions: The manuscript requires significant changes, and the revised version will undergo another round of review.
    • Decline: The manuscript is not suitable for publication in the journal.

Decision and Revision

  1. Editorial Decision: The editorial board considers the reviewers' recommendations and makes a final decision. The corresponding author is notified of the decision, along with the reviewers' comments.
  2. Revisions: If revisions are required, the authors must address the reviewers' comments and submit a revised manuscript within a specified timeframe. The revised manuscript may be returned to the original reviewers or new reviewers for further evaluation.

Final Acceptance and Publication

  1. Final Acceptance: Once the manuscript meets all the reviewers' and editors' requirements, it is accepted for publication. The authors will be notified, and the manuscript will proceed to the copyediting stage.
  2. Copyediting and Proofreading: The accepted manuscript undergoes copyediting for grammar, punctuation, and formatting. The authors will receive proofs for final approval.

Publication: After final approval, the manuscript is published in the journal's upcoming issue and made available online.