Journal of Education Action Research

Journal of Educational Action Research is concerned with exploring the dialogue between research and practice in educational settings. This journal publishes accounts of a range of action research and related studies, in education and across the professions, with the aim of making their outcomes widely available and exemplifying the variety of possible styles of reporting. It aims to establish and maintain a review of the literature of action research. It also provides a forum for dialogue on the methodological and epistemological issues, enabling different approaches to be subjected to critical reflection and analysis.

e-ISSN: 2549-3272 (Online) and p-ISSN : 2580-4790 (Printed)

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Vol 5, No 3 (2021): August 2021

Table of Contents


Sugiyanto Sugiyanto
10.23887/jear.v5i3.33857 | Abstract view : 132 times
Yusi Ardiyanti
10.23887/jear.v5i3.13815 | Abstract view : 52 times
Tapitta Hutajulu
10.23887/jear.v5i3.34407 | Abstract view : 70 times
Gede Sastrawan
10.23887/jear.v5i3.34463 | Abstract view : 43 times
sulistiyo sulistiyo
10.23887/jear.v5i3.34571 | Abstract view : 49 times
Ketut Widawati
10.23887/jear.v5i3.34578 | Abstract view : 123 times
Karmani Karmani
10.23887/jear.v5i3.34572 | Abstract view : 81 times
I Komang Winata
10.23887/jear.v5i3.34171 | Abstract view : 29 times
Elly Kristini
10.23887/jear.v5i3.33109 | Abstract view : 32 times
I Made Suardiana
10.23887/jear.v5i3.34677 | Abstract view : 35 times
Rukiah Ali
10.23887/jear.v5i3.34957 | Abstract view : 16 times
Dimas Anjar Kisworo
10.23887/jear.v5i3.33780 | Abstract view : 157 times
I Wayan Mertayasa
10.23887/jear.v5i3.34999 | Abstract view : 24 times