Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris undiksha

Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris (JPBI) is a scientific journal published by the English Department of Education Faculty of Language and Arts, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha. This journal aims to accommodate articles of research results in the field of English education as well as to promote knowledge-building and problem-solving in the field and to make scientific works in relevant research areas accessible to the public

The journal is accredited by the Ministry of Research, Technology, Republic of Indonesia, which is on Fifth rank ( Sinta 5)

p-ISSN : 2614-1906 (cetak) dan e-ISSN : 2614-1892 (online)



Publication Information

JPBI is published twice a year, around June and October. The length of the review process is hard to predict. Generally, the reviewers need to complete the review within 2-4 weeks. Prospective authors cannot expect the speed of the review to meet their needs. If the author wishes to send an article that has been submitted to JPBI to another journal, please contact the editor to withdraw the article.  
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Vol 9, No 2 (2021): August

Table of Contents


Ni Luh Anis Widiastuti, Dewa Komang tantra, Ni Nyoman Padmadewi
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.32319 | Abstract view : 395 times
N. K. Detiani, D. K. Tantra, D. A. E. Agustini
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.32565 | Abstract view : 212 times
Rahayu Kusuma Widya Asari, Dewa Komang Tantra, Dewa Ayu Eka Agustini
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.32657 | Abstract view : 166 times
Ni Nengah Hardiyanti, I Putu Ngurah Wage Myartawan, I Nyoman Pasek Hadisaputra
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.32196 | Abstract view : 89 times
I Gusti Ayu Ditha Saitri
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.31757 | Abstract view : 256 times
Anggi Natalia Sugita
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.33578 | Abstract view : 138 times
Ni Kadek Ayu Rinawati, I Nyoman Adi Jaya Putra
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.33585 | Abstract view : 173 times
Ni Kadek Detiani
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.34426 | Abstract view : 65 times
Ni Luh Putu Sumartini
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.34820 | Abstract view : 264 times
Ni Made Ernila Junipisa
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.32516 | Abstract view : 152 times
Made Dama Yanti
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.32014 | Abstract view : 141 times
Ananda Indah Gita
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.35850 | Abstract view : 128 times
ketut budi wahyuni
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.34393 | Abstract view : 83 times
Verdana islami Alwi Syahrilla putri
10.23887/jpbi.v9i2.35603 | Abstract view : 128 times
Putu Angga Harry Sugiartha