Mind mapping: an effective model to improve thematic learning outcomes

Desi Istikomah, Henny Dewi Koeswanti


This study aimed at improving students' learning outcomes of class V in Theme 6 using a mind mapping model. This research was conducted in 2 cycles, i.e. cycle 1 and cycle 2, with each cycle consisting of 3 sessions. The research subjects were 16 students of class V SDN Kutowinangun 10 Salatiga. The research design was arranged based on planning, action, observation, and reflection. Result shows that there is an increase in learning completeness, from 31.25% in pre-cycle to 56.25% and 81.25% in cycle I and cycle II, respectively. Therefore, mind mapping model may increase students' learning outcomes.


thematic learning; mind mapping; learning outcomes

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23887/jpp.v52i1.17244


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