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Mimbar Ilmu is published by Research and Community Service Institution Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha. Mimbar Ilmu  aims at becoming the publication center of education researches in instruction, learning and teaching, curriculum development, learning environment, teacher education, educational technology, and educational development. It is published twice a year in April, July and October.

E-ISSN : 2685-9033

P-ISSN : 1829-877X

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Vol 26, No 3 (2021): Desember

Table of Contents


Ni Komang Indah Diantari, I Ketut Gading
10.23887/mi.v25i3.26565 | Abstract view : 435 times
I Gede Made Yoga Dwi Putra, I Wayan Wiarta
10.23887/mi.v25i3.26105 | Abstract view : 242 times
Ni Nyoman Ratna Ayu Kartika, I Ketut Ardana
10.23887/mi.v25i3.26585 | Abstract view : 167 times
Salamah Salamah, Gede Wira Bayu
10.23887/mi.v25i3.26601 | Abstract view : 230 times
I Nyoman Agus Alit Suprianto
10.23887/mi.v25i3.26515 | Abstract view : 285 times
Rara Indah Arthadewi, I Gede Wira Bayu, Ni Wayan Rati
10.23887/mi.v26i3.36521 | Abstract view : 304 times
Vida Yunita Lestari, Didith Pramunditya Ambara
10.23887/mi.v26i3.34854 | Abstract view : 558 times
I Made Yogi Adi Guna, Ndara Tanggu Renda, I Gde Wawan Sudatha
10.23887/mi.v26i3.36715 | Abstract view : 660 times
Ni Luh Putu Ema Widari, I Gede Astawan, Made Sumantri
10.23887/mi.v26i3.37088 | Abstract view : 185 times
I Kadek Ari Indrawan, Kadek Yudiana, Ketut Dibia
10.23887/mi.v26i3.37215 | Abstract view : 264 times
Ari Novi Yani, I Made Tegeh, nyoman laba jayanta
10.23887/mi.v26i3.35627 | Abstract view : 177 times
Komang Diah Purnami, Ni Ketut Suarni, Kadek Yudiana
10.23887/mi.v26i3.37829 | Abstract view : 306 times
Putri Viola Melisa, E. D. Putra
10.23887/mi.v26i3.39317 | Abstract view : 349 times