Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies

The first journal of its kind, The Journal for lesson and learning studies publishes lesson and learning studies that are pedagogically aimed at improving the quality of teaching and learning in formal educational settings. These studies may take the form of action research, design experiments, formative evaluations or pedagogical research more generally that is designed to foster a democratic, discursive and action orientated inquiry process.

P-ISSN : 2615-6148 (Print) and e-ISSN : 2615-7330 (Online)




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Vol 4, No 1 (2021)

Table of Contents


Dhea Fatar Kiranadewi, Agustina Tyas Asri Hardini
10.23887/jlls.v4i1.33860 | Abstract view : 251 times
Nia Hadaina, I Wayan Widiana, I Gede Astawan
10.23887/jlls.v4i1.31116 | Abstract view : 237 times
I Putu Agus Adi Saputra, I Nyoman Jampel, ignatius I Wayan Suwatra
10.23887/jlls.v4i1.29794 | Abstract view : 426 times
Ni Made Denna Widiyanti, I Wayan Wiarta
10.23887/jlls.v4i1.32806 | Abstract view : 199 times
Medyana Inna Sairo
10.23887/jlls.v4i1.32188 | Abstract view : 5 times
Ila Mursi, Ristiono Ristiono
10.23887/jlls.v4i1.34172 | Abstract view : 57 times
Putu Nia Sri Widyaputri, Gusti Ngurah Sastra Agustika
10.23887/jlls.v4i1.32741 | Abstract view : 33 times
Rizka Putri Alti, Lufri Lufri, Helendra Helendra, Relsas Yogica
10.23887/jlls.v4i1.34270 | Abstract view : 18 times
Olla Krisliani Yudistira, Syamsurizal Syamsurizal, Helendra Helendra, Yusni Attifah
10.23887/jlls.v4i1.34289 | Abstract view : 9 times