A Systematic Review: The Implementation of MALL toward Students’ Reading Skill


  • Wanda Dian Paramesti Fortuna Dewi Ganesha University of Education
  • Made Hery Santosa Ganesha University of Education, Bali, Indonesia


MALL, MALL in ELT, Reading Skill, Secondary Level


Students still faces many challenges in learning English especially in reading skill.  One of them is due to demotivation which leads to lack of knowledge and comprehension in reading. The development of technology brings many advantages towards English language learning. Many researchers have conducted studies about the effect of technology in the learning process, however, still few reviewed studies on the effect of MALL in reading skill among EFL and ESL learners at secondary level. Therefore, this study aims to review several studies in the field of the effect of implementing MALL toward students’ reading skill among EFL and ESL learners. The study conducted using systematic method by synthesize relevant information from previous studies. 13 articles were chosen from 49 articles that represent the topic taken from Google Scholar as the main data resources. The studies revealed that MALL has positively affect students’ reading skill. MALL increases students’ reading comprehension, motivation, participation and interaction in reading lesson.



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