English Teacher’s Strategy in Teaching Writing Using Discovery Learning


  • Faoziatur Rohmi Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kediri, Kediri, Indonesia
  • Sri Wahyuni Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kediri, Kediri, Indonesia




Writing, Teaching Writing, Discovery Learning


Writing is the one of crucial skills in learning English. students can communicate their emotions, ideas and. opinions through writing. Discovery Learning is a teaching-learning activity in which students construct their knowledge by identifying the information to help them to be critical thinking. However, students enjoy learning writing. Therefore this research aims to analyze English teacher strategy in teaching writing using discovery learning. The design applied in this research is qualitative research and the technique of this research is a case study. The subject of this research is the English teacher of MTsN. Data collection used three instruments observation, interview, and documentation.  The result of this research, there are five roles of discovery learning that the teacher used, that are: (a) Stimulation, (b)Problem Statement, (c)Data Collection, (d) verification, and, (e)generalization). The advantages of discovery learning namely; (1) supporting learner’s active participation in the learning process; (2) think creativity; (3) highly students motivate, allow finding something by themselves. Using discovery learning can improve students’ ability to think freely. Specifically, discovery learning trains students’ cognitive skills to find and solve problems. Discovery learning strategy is very suitable to use to improve students' writing skills independently.