The Effect of E-Portfolio in Project Based Learning toward Learner Autonomy and Writing Competency

Ni Ketut Devi Ariningsih, Luh Putu Artini, Ni Putu Era Marsakawati


This study aimed at finding out the effect of e-portfolio in project based learning toward learner autonomy and writing competency at X MIPA students of SMA Negeri 7 Denpasar. The population was eleven classes; two classes were taken as the sample of the study. The sample was assigned through random sampling. The total numbers of sample were 80 students. The X MIPA 7 class was selected as the experimental group which taught by using e-portfolio in project based learning strategy and X MIPA 3 class as the control group which taught by using conventional strategy. The research design was post-test only control group design. The instrument that was administered to test learner autonomy was questionnaire, while the instrument was used to test writing competency was writing competency test. The analysis that was employed in this study were One-way Anova and Manova. The result of this study showed that (1) there is a significant effect of e-portfolio in project based learning toward learner autonomy of X MIPA students, (2) there is a significant effect toward writing competency of X MIPA students. The mean score of students who taught by using e-portfolio in project based learning strategy is higher than the mean score who taught by using conventional strategy, (3) there is a simultaneous significant effect toward learner autonomy and writing competency at X MIPA students.



e-portfolio, project based learning, learner autonomy, writing competency


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