The Use of Euphemisims in the Report Card Comment in Canggu Community School

Gusti Ayu Ketut Astiti


The use of euphemism in the process of human
interaction is very common a linguistic phenomenon. The
correct use of euphemisms is to avoid the embarrassment
of interpersonal communication or unpleasant, so as to
achieve a successful interaction purposes. In today’s
society, euphemisms have been widely used in various
fields. This study concerns on the use of euphemisms in
writing report card comments by teachers of Canggu
Community School. The use of euphemisms in reporting
students’ achievement relates to the teachers’ politeness
strategies to save the students’ and parents’ face or to
minimize the students FTAs. Based on the data from the
report card comments and interview with the teachers
about the students, it is found that teachers in Canggu
Community School mostly employ euphemisms in their
comments on three areas of achievement: academic, work
presentation and behavior. They also employ Grice’s
cooperative principles. Only few comments do not
employ euphemism but rather informing as informative as
possible in a polite way.

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