The Application of Local Wisdom in Learning: Teaching Descriptive by USing Mosaics Creative Game

Ni Ketut Utami Handayani, Puji Astuti


This research is aimed at improving the seventh graders’
achievement of SMP N 2 Kubu in descriptive writing in
the academic year 2010/2011 through the application of
The Palm-Mosaics Creative Game. The subjects of the
research were the seventh grade students of SMP N 2
Kubu especially class VIIE, on their even semester in the
academic year of 2010/2011. The total numbers of the
subjects were 20 males and 20 females. This is an action
based research, which was conducted in two cycles. Each
cycle consisted of three sessions. Altogether, there were
four steps in every cycle, namely: planning, action,
observation, and reflection.

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