The Effect of Generating Interactions among Schemata, Texts, and Beliefs about Language Learning on Reading Comprehension

Luh Dyah Surya Adnyani


This study concerned with experimental research which
investigated whether or not there was any effect of
Generating Interaction between Schemata and Text (GIST) and beliefs about language learning on reading comprehension. This study was carried out in Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha 2nd
semester students at English Education Department.
ANOVA test indicated that the students who were
taught using GIST outperformed the students who were
taught using conventional reading technique, and there was
interaction between kinds of strategy and students’ beliefs
about language learning. In terms of beliefs about
language learning, the result of Tuckey test showed that
for the students who hold positive beliefs, GIST gave
better contribution to reading comprehension than the
conventional reading technique. While for those who hold
negative beliefs, there was no significant difference in
reading comprehension between the students who were
taught using GIST and conventional reading technique.

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