Implementing Language Policy at School: The Case of Balinese Language

Desak Nyoman Dyah Rupita Dewi


The present study aimed at investigating the
implementation of language policy in maintaining and
promoting Balinese at school. This research was a case
study which took place at Taman Rama National Plus
School, Badung. The subjects of the study were selected
on the basis of purposive sampling. They were four
students and a teacher. In this study, the data were
collected by using two instruments, namely human
instrument and interview guide. The findings show that
Taman Rama National Plus School has a language policy
that the school staff members and students should speak
Balinese on Wednesdays. However, this policy could not
be applied in doing communication and teaching because
of two things, namely: the majority of non-Balinese
speaking students and the poor mastery of Balinese on the
part of the Balinese students. This study also highlites that
the role of parents has greater influence than economic
status of family in introducing and habituating children to
use Balinese at home.

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