Jurnal Ilmu Sosial dan Humaniora

Journal titleJurnal Ilmu Sosial dan Humaniora
AbbreviationJ. Ilmu Sos. Human.
FrequencyThree issues per year 
DOIprefix 10.23887/jish-undiksha
Print ISSN2303-2898
Online ISSN2549-6662
Editor-in-chiefPutu Indra Christiawan
Publisher Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha
OrganizerLembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat

Jurnal Ilmu Sosial dan Humaniora (JISH) [e-ISSN : 2549-6662 (Online) and p-ISSN : 2303-2898 (Printed)] is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Research and Community Service Institute of Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha since 2012. JISH contains the results of research in the field of social sciences and humanities. This journal aims to publish and disseminate writings in the field of social sciences and humanities that can contribute to the development of science. JISH received writing in quantitative and qualitative research from academics, practitioners, researchers, and students relevant to the topic of social sciences and humanities. 

JISH publishes research articles comprehensive in nature by inviting reviews from the leading experts in the fields. The incoming papers will be selected based on high scientific studies, provide essential new knowledge, and are very interesting for the community in the field of social sciences and humanities. JISH has become a member of CrossRef so that all articles published by JISH will have a unique DOI number.

JISH was first published in 2012 and is regularly published twice a year until 2020. Since then, JISH has begun to receive high-quality articles in large quantities. Therefore, starting in 2021, JISH increases the frequency of publications three times a year in April, August, and December. JISH is accredited by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, the Republic of Indonesia, which is ranked Second Grade (Peringkat 2, Sinta 2) from 2020 to 2025 based on Decree No. 200/M/KPT/2020.



Online Journal Review Invitation

We are currently in the process of developing many things to improve the quality of our journal publications, including the reception and selection of editors, increasing the number of issues each year, the adoption of a new code of conduct that refers to COPE as well as changes in the appearance of this journal's website. We also invite you to join us as reviewers to further improve the quality of our publications. For those who are interested, please fill out the following Review Agreement Form and send it back to us. We await your participation.  
Posted: 2021-05-01
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Vol 10, No 3 (2021)

Table of Contents


Akhriyadi Sofian, Nur Yanti, Naili Ni'matul Illiyyun
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.34211 | Abstract view : 1185 times
I Gusti Ayu Agung Istri Risna Prajna Devi, Nurchayati Nurchayati
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.34273 | Abstract view : 344 times
Wahyu Nurvita Afnani, Neni Wahyuningtyas, Bayu Kurniawan
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.34307 | Abstract view : 482 times
Ignatia Thomasita Bau Mau, Atim Djazuli, Helmy Djawahir
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.34403 | Abstract view : 251 times
Mujiburrahmad Mujiburrahmad, Ahmad Humam Hamid, Tazliatun Nufus
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.34757 | Abstract view : 476 times
Syamsul Bahri Abd. Rasyid, Ulung Pribadi
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.35375 | Abstract view : 791 times
Debby Fifiyanti, Janianton Damanik
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.36893 | Abstract view : 502 times
Taudlikhul Afkar, Teguh Purwanto, Fauziyah Fauziyah, Ferry Hariawan, Siti Istikhoroh
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.36996 | Abstract view : 275 times
Nenny Hendajany, Deden Rizal Riyadi, Ae Suaesih
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.37863 | Abstract view : 373 times
Hisnuddin Lubis, Nely Rohmatillah
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.37870 | Abstract view : 181 times
Ni Kadek Sinarwati, Made Aristia Prayudi
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.37931 | Abstract view : 474 times
Saiful Azmi, Cut Zahri Harun, Khairuddin Khairuddin
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.38173 | Abstract view : 256 times
Irfan Ardiansah, Selly Harnesa Putri, Nurpilihan Bafdal, Elisa Dian Astriani
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.38692 | Abstract view : 383 times
Oktadwilaras Anugerah Putri Papuling, Agus Sugiarto
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.38805 | Abstract view : 416 times
Ahmad Tohri, Abdul Rasyad, Sulaiman Sulaiman, Umu Rosyidah
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.38822 | Abstract view : 648 times
Luh Shanti Nilayam Mihira, Ni Komang Arie Suwastini, Ni Nyoman Artini, I Gusti Agung Sri Rwa Jayantini, I Wayan Budiarta
10.23887/jish-undiksha.v10i3.39209 | Abstract view : 851 times